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 Kevin Sherman  


I'm a passionate quality advocate, but not one of the boring ones. You know who I'm talking about! I like to teach others about all the benefits and exciting aspects of quality minus the soul sucking boredom that usually comes along with it.


Picture the best cake you've had in your life - eggs, flour, sugar and all the rest. Your quality cake normally includes the best ingredients, but the baker mixed it in all the wrong proportions and gave it to you as a crumbly mess with the frosting dropped on top. Great ingredients, but flawed execution. That's where The Quality Awakening comes in to fill that void and mix all those incredible ingredients together in the right way with extraordinary presentation. 

I've been in the industry for over 10 years in various roles in design, engineering, and quality. With a BSME and MBA, I've been shocked by the lack of focus on the concepts so critical to quality in traditional schooling. Even industry is ripe with opportunities to improve upon educating their teams on quality concepts and all they can do to drive exceptional business results. I thrive on using my background in the field to teach others and help them propel their knowledge forward in a fun, engaging way. 

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